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Personalized Fitness Services

Personalized fitness services, which means each individual has different needs when it comes to fitness. Their fitness level, injury history, goals, and corrections that may be needed. One common agreement that works for everyone, we all want better health! Let's get healthy together!  

  • 30 Minute Session

  • 60 Minute Session

InBody 970 Body Scanner

InBody is an advanced body composition analyzer trusted by top hospitals, universities, and professional sports teams. The InBody Test is accurate, fast, and non-invasive. You step on the device, grab the handles, and in 70 seconds, you will receive a detailed printout of your body composition results that we will review!

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dotFIT Supplements 

We offer dotFIT Supplements at our studio!

Why dotFIT?

A quality product for a quality price! Your nutrition can be on point or not so on point, either way, everyone has gaps to fill. We will create a personalized supplement plan to maximize your health and goals! 

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Nutrition Services

Nutrition is 80% of the battle!


EduFit is here to help you equip yourself with the right tools! Macros and Micros, what are nutrients? Why is nutrition who I am? We guide you through our step-by-step process to understand nutrition and create a healthy lifestyle! 

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Clean Eatz Meals

At our studio, we offer Clean Eatz Meals!


Each month we have a new menu of meals! We will update our website to keep you posted. We also display the old meals from the previous month until we sell out.

Come visit us today! 


EduFit App Services

Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let EduFit help you along the way! Introducing EduFit the most comprehensive fitness platform with:


  • Check Class Schedules

  • Check Opening Hours

  • Track your Daily Fitness

  • Track your Daily Nutrition

  • Track your Body Metrics

  • Library with 2000+ Exercises

  • 3D Exercise Videos

  • Preset Workouts

  • Create your own workout

Group Training

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