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I'm Ryan DeLong, Owner of EduFit "Educational Fitness for Life"! 

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My Story

My fascination with health and fitness began in high school. I took any form of health and nutrition education I could at Big Foot High School. The lifestyle I was introduced to provided me a stepping stone to my career as a Personal Trainer. For the past 10 years, I've worked hard to earn certifications and educate myself on all areas of health, fitness, nutrition, and supplementation. I continue to take classes annually to learn the latest innovations and techniques. 

I am passionate about learning. The more I learn, the better I can help my clients!


- NASM Certified Personal Trainer (2014-Current)  

- Group Personal Training Specialist 

- Zumba Strong Nation Certified/Licensed

- Weight Loss Specialist

- Self-Myofascial Release Certified 

- Nutrition Specialist

- Strength and Conditioning Specialist

- Corrective Exercise Specialist 

- dotFIT Supplement Certified/Licensed

More to come, so we can be healthy together!

Mission Statement

Learn how to create a healthier lifestyle!

EduFit is here to guide you on how to create a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, and supplementation! You can optimize your abilities to live a more joyful, longer, healthier life! Our programs are personalized to each individual, one model does NOT fit all and we are here to help educate you. Everyone has different fitness levels, goals, injuries, life changes, and other factors that play a vital role in their programming. One thing we can all agree on, make sure everyday quality of life is at its best.  Let's get healthy together!

"You only have one body, give it the love and respect it deserves!"

-Ryan DeLong

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